How to get a baby sleep throughout the night

Babies often adorn the cloak of nocturnality, putting a loving strain on their mothers. Not knowing the difference between day and night before their biological clock develops, your baby might be awake when you should be sleeping. This places unprecedented stress on mothers especially those who have to work during the day. How then can you get your baby to sleep through the night?
It is important though, to first identify reasons why she’s awake when she should be asleep. It could be hunger, teething, ill health, or a need for mommy’s comfort.
How to get your baby to sleep through the night
Once drowsy, lay her down to sleep
This way, she learns to settle in before sleep sets in. Peter Nieman, a Calgary pediatrician, recommends this. It is advisable because should she rouse to notice that her environment has changed from when she fell asleep, she’s likely to be upset. If you have the habit of rocking her to sleep or cradling her in your arms to sleep before placing her in her cot, stop it. If she wakes to notice something other than that, she is sure to feel insecure and upset.
Create a simple bedtime routine
From about three months, your baby’s circadian clock that regulates sleeping and waking up starts to develop. A simple routine involving playing a quiet and calm game, giving your baby a bath, dressing her to sleep, dimming the lights, telling a story, and putting off any active sounds will help her relax and prepare to sleep. Consistency will gradually help her realize that this is the norm.
Be Baby-Cue-Observant
Take note of how your baby expresses discomfort, hunger, or sleepiness. Once she starts yawning, rubbing her eyes, or gets very quiet, it might indicate that she’s sleepy. Being observant will help you understand your baby better to know when to put her to bed. This way, you can relieve yourself of some stress and get some rest too.
Don’t feed at the slightest discomfort
If your baby stirs during the night, don’t be quick to feed. A simple rhythmic pat or slight humming and comforting words in a low tone can put her back to sleep.
Helpful tips
• Put your baby to sleep on her back.
• Let her sleep in your room but not on your bed.
• Don’t stuff too many playthings in her cot.
• Place a toy with your scent close to her so she smells you when she stirs. This could calm her


Things you keep doing wrong in the bathroom

You’ve been used to taking baths your whole life and probably don’t see the need to unlearn and relearn your bathroom habits. However, you might want to take a peek at some common bathroom mistakes people make that could turn out to be harmful to their health.
You reuse your towel countless times
You shouldn’t hold off washing your bath towel until it starts smelling! Know that that towel surely needs a good wash and some time-out in the sun just after you take your bath so it doesn’t house bacteria.
Your toothbrush stays too close to your toilet
According to a study on this subject, every time you flush the WC, aerosolized particles from it drifts in the air at least six feet away. If your toothbrush happens to be within that distance, you’ve been brushing with poop particles on your toothbrush your whole life.
Stop using sponges immediately
You use a sponge while bathing to get rid of dead skin cells, right. Now, you would probably rethink the effectiveness of the process of sponging your skin on a daily basis knowing that reusing the same loofah or sponge deposits the dirt from your last bath onto your skin all over again.
Not peeing in the shower
Okay, you probably think taking a leak only applies while in the toilet, well jokes on you. Releasing Urea all over the place while in the bathroom is actually safe, it is even said to hydrate skin and stop itchiness, there is an obvious added advantage too, you conserve water!

Perfect breakup lines that avoid complications

20748084_l_2284557e666a8cd6f20d82d2ef257be5Breaking up can be very awkward, to say the least, for both parties.
It is easy to wonder how to perfectly convey the fact that you are no longer interested in the relationship. What could be the right words that will be honest without being brutal, firm without being harsh?

  1. “I had fun the other day but I don’t think we really clicked.”
    This is simple and straight to the point. It works best if the relationship has not really taken off and you have met for only one or two dates.
  2. “You are a great guy but I don’t think we fit.”
    This works best if it is still early in the relationship. Saying it at this point shows that you don’t want to waste his time. And who knows? You may remain friends since there isn’t much that has happened between you two.
  3. “I think it is best if we stopped seeing each other because…”
    If you have been together for a while but believe that you don’t make a good couple then use this line. You have to give a reason because it is not fair to walk away from someone without an explanation.
    Of course, you don’t have to say it exactly like this. Tweak it as you wish.
    However, please don’t lie or use common lines like:
  4. “It is not you, it’s me”
    This is so predictable and does not really communicate much. Besides, if it is not working out, the responsibility lies with both of you and not just one person.
  5. Giving a list of things he does wrong
    Inasmuch as I said you should give an explanation for the break up, don’t dump it all his feet but telling him his flaws are the cause. There has got to be a part you play in it too!
    Ultimately, the point is that you are honest and true


Pain is universal. It does not matter if you are rich, poor, white, black, fat, or slim. We all feel pain. However, pain can be in varying degrees and of different types.
When it comes to pain, be it the emotional or physical type, there is no one-size-fits-all way of handling it but there are certain ways of approaching pain that are definitely wrong. Mind you, those ways are not wrong because they contravene some supreme law but because they make the pain only worse rather than help you find a way out of the dungeon.
But what exactly are these ways that I am talking about?
For starters, that belief that we should manage pain could not be farther from the truth. That belief that being able to undergo pain with a minimal complaint is a show of strength is a fallacy in my opinion. Pain is unpleasant and you should not have to endure it just to show that you are strong. Mind you, I am not advocating weakness or an inability to handle tough times. I am saying you should be proactive about it.
Also, dealing with pain by comparing it with someone else’s is wrong because it teaches you to get comfortable with the pain rather than find a way out of it. Besides, getting relief by telling yourself that others are in a worse situation only makes you focus on others, instead of yourself. More so, it sidelines the fact that we all have our races to run. Therefore, there is no true yardstick for comparing your pain with someone else’s.
What then is the best way to handle pain, be it emotional or physical? I will get to that shortly in another article. Stick around for the awesome tips I will share.
Meanwhile, whatever you find yourself in, don’t ‘deal’ with the pain by trying to ‘toughen up’ or comparing your situation with others. Be proactive about ending the pain altogether.

The beauty of life

life is full of several unseen beauties ranging from the rising in the morning n seeing the wonderful rays spreading warm love to the earth to the cover of night where all peace and silence prevails…life’s greatest beauty is love with love comes bundled with justice, peace, joy, and above all unity….how great is it?……life is a gift but we decide what to do with it…use your precious onetime gift carefully